Living Alone Against Having a Flatmate

Topics: Difference, Solitude, Apartment Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: March 13, 2013
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Living Alone Against Having a Flatmate
Comparison and Contrast II
Deniz Aryay
Yeditepe University

Living Alone Against Having a Flatmate
Every culture has its own traditions which affect one’s life in various forms. They also have impacts on the living standards; in some cultures, people are expected to stay with their parents until they are married. Contrarily, others may require living alone before finding that someone special to learn to maintain a house. If that is the case, people may consider sharing the house with friends, or prefer being alone. Although they carry inconsiderable similarities, the differences between living alone and having a flatmate are clearly noticeable. To begin with, living in solitude differs from sharing the house in means of freedom. When leading a solitary life, one can do whatever is desired. However, as a general rule for sharing; both sides should respect each other in order to avoid any arguments. To exemplify, walking in underwear, listening to loud music, inviting friends in the middle of a night or changing the decoration without asking are some of to keep in mind. Furthermore, living alone means bigger personal space compared to sharing the house. On the other hand, having a flatmate degrades that space to a single bedroom, since the bathroom, kitchen or living room are viewed as mutual. Moreover, when living alone, leaving valuable things around is acceptable. In contrast, this is not the case when sharing the apartment as one does not necessarily trust the housemate. One may even need to secure the bedroom door when going out. Another pronounced difference between living on one’s own and having a partner is the duties. Not sharing the flat means paying for the rent or the bills alone, whereas having a housemate is a remarkable economical occasion. To illustrate, all expenses are literally divided into half, which includes not only the rent and the bills but also the groceries. Additionally,...
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