Lives of the Saints

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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All characters in the book “Lives of the Saints” are treated differently, which causes some of them to have a lot of stress. The characters all have different perspectives in religion, myth, superstition, and Folklore. It’s a characters belief in religion, myth, superstition or Folklore which determines how characters are treated. The book is extremely interesting and fun to read because of all the stress the author puts into it. For example Cristina is treated differently or looked at differently, because of her lack of interest or understanding for religion. Vittorio is bullied, and made fun of because of his lack of understanding of his surroundings and his strong belief in myths. These are just some of the reasons why so many different characters are treated so differently.

Although the author doesn’t talk much about Mario, we know that he is in Canada trying to make money for the family -


The main person targeted throughout the whole book was Cristina. All the people from Valle Del Sole really despised her because of her lack of interest and understanding for religion. -


Vittorio found it extremely hard to cope with others. He relied and believed in myths that all the kids around him didn’t believe in, because of this he was bullied and made fun of.

In conclusion it’s a characters belief in religion, myth, superstition, or folklore which determines how characters are treated in Valle Del Sole. These concepts kept the book really interesting, which made it a great read. -

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