Live in Concert

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Evan Turk
English 101
Life: Live in Concert

Since recorded history, people have loved to attend performances, sporting events, and concerts. However, because of recent advancements in technology, this has changed. Many people now prefer the comfort and convenience of staying home and watching these events either on television or online. What people today fail to realize is that there is only so much that can be gained from watching television and looking up videos. The richness and depth of these events is at its greatest when experiencing performances in person.

First of all, attending a live performance provides a much more vivid experience than watching it on television. For example, while it is possible to watch and enjoy a baseball game on television, it's obviously not the same as actually being there. At a live game, you're able to experience so many other aspects such as the various sights and sounds of the event. Being at the game allows you to passionately cheer for your favorite team with other spectators. There is also the slim possibility of meeting your favorite player after the game or catching a fly ball. These types of experiences are impossible through television.

In addition to sporting events, a live performance, such as a concert, allows people to catch every subtle detail of the stage and the performers. When you watch a concert on television at home, you can only see what the cameras show you. Most of the time, cameras focus on special scenes and you cannot see what is happening on the rest of the stage. They fail to show you the entire aspect of the performance. However, when you are there, you can turn your attention to any aspect that you wish. Furthermore, by being at the performance live, you can see and hear all the extra activities that go on prior to and after the performance. Television doesn't usually provide you with that much detail.

Another advantage to live performances is the simple joy of having no...
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