Little Tokoyo

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Japanese American internment, Racism Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: March 19, 2013
For our group task my partner Aaron and I went to go visit Little Tokyo in Los Angeles California to interact with the Japanese culture in that certain area. As we entered the Little Tokyo district we immediately noticed the Japanese culture atmosphere that was in the air. We were surrounded by Sushi restraints, Asian ethnicity, and lots of signs that had Japanese writing on it. We went to go visit the Japanese Museum which was located a couple of miles from where parked but it was worth the walk. The museum was a really interesting place that had a whole of information about the Japanese internment camps that housed Japanese decent after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. After the attacks on Pearl Harbor Japanese faced much discrimination and racism in United States society as they were excluded because of the belonging to the Asian ethnic group. They were excluded from all areas of society and set apart to be quartained because the government felt that they were a threat to society. One of the most interesting things in the museum was a replica barrack that was placed in the middle of the museum which was a symbol of how the government kept these people in pens like a sort of animals. We interacted with a tour guide whose name was Leland Kurisu who was part of the Japanese decent as he told us that his parents were put in the concentration camps as he recalled stories of how they had to abandon their California homes and only bring with them a suitcase out of all their possessions and leave the rest behind. He described the time as a time of extreme hate as they were excluded from all different parts of society along with fellow African Americans facing the same racial discrimination based on their ethnicity. They were placed in separate schooling facilities from the rest of children. These were called internment schools and were usually held in small barracks where they had little to no school supplies. Being seen as Japanese American at that time in American...
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