Little Sister

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  • Published : November 21, 2012
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BELLA is walking down the hall. She has been crying. JORDAN spots her BELLA Do you have any chips?
JORDAN No. … Bella, you okay?
BELLA Fine. Don’t look at me.
JORDAN No you’re not. What’s wrong?
BELLA I need some chips. An economy size two-bag box of chips. JORDAN Tracey … Has she been bugging you, hurting your … BELLA Not her. Katie.
JORDAN Katie …
BELLA Sometime she can be incredibly mean. Everyone can be increadibly mean. JORDAN Tell me about it. Tracey just kicked the fender on my dad’s car. She scratched it. I’m not kidding. BELLA If I had no one to go with and you had no one to go with … JORDAN Where?

BELLA To grad.
JORDAN Grad’s two years away.
BELLA If neither of us had anyone to go with … could we … could we go together? JORDAN Sure. But that’s way in the future, Bella. You’ll probably be married by then, a good Italian girl like you … BELLA You mean it? You’ll really g o with me? I get so worried I’ll miss it. I get so worried I can’t sleep at night. You really mean it? JORDAN Bella I’d like to go with you. Even if you’re going out with someone I’ll hold you to it. I’ll force you to go with me. It’s a date and I’m it. Okay? BELLA Deal.

There are main five characters in the script of Little Sister: Tracey, Katie, Bella, Jay and Jordan. The author of this script is Joan Macleod. It happened in a Vancouver school. Katie just moves to here from Toronto. She hasn’t adapted here yet. Tracey and Bella are friends and study in this school. Other two boys Jay and Jordan are good friends too. From the script, Jay likes the new girl Katie because she is classic and totally different from the girls here; (He thinks) however, Tracey seems like Jay - A triangle love. And Jordan is nice to everybody.

The one of the scene in this script, Scene 21, it occurs the school hall. Bella is walking down the hall. She has been crying because Katie hurt Bella’s weight problem. And Jordan who is a kind guy...
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