Little Red Riding Hood

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  • Published : June 2, 2011
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The many tales of Little Red Riding Hood provides us with historical changes in the way women have been perceivedthroughout history. Little Red Riding Hood has transformed from naive to sophistication depending on the cultural and the moral beliefs within that time. She has evolved even before theCharles Perrault version in 1697 and the more known version by Grimm brothers in 1812 and still being reinvented to please its current audience. The development of the tale allowed us to vision the tone of a particular world view in the hands of new interpretation. Little red riding hood is a classic story told worldwide, but as many historical periods are different, the story varies based on past and contemporary cultural issues. Before the first printed versions of Little Red Riding Hoodin the 1800’s, children literature has not yet existed. Children as we called and treat them today had not always been the same. When Little Red Riding Hood was only an oral versionyoung women were used as adults and sexually provoked to give up their virginity. Children, not being children at all, were naturally acting as adults. There are some versions of Little Red Riding where she performs a strip tease, removing her clothing one at a time. In order to survive to stay alive, the little girl was capable of buying more escape time by slowly sheading her clothes for the wolf. The meaning of childhood was not recognized as a concept of innocence or a development stage for growth, but a concept survival. “Before there could be children’s books, there had to be children- children, that is who were accepted as beings with their own particular needs and interests, not only miniature men and women.” Little Red Riding Hood started out a tale for adults which can explain the explicit language and sexual content of the early versions of this fairytale. Little Red Riding Hood was interpreted to fit the“concerns, hopes, and fears during their time and culture.” She has changed with the...
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