Literature Review Physics

Topics: DNA, Gene, Protein Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Miriam Yanez
Physics 018-01
Literature Review
25 April 2012

Biophysics and protein dynamics have shaped our lives when it comes down to advancements in medicine. In living cells, proteins are the main components that keep the organism running at its best with every single protein and enzyme having their own function. The discovery of DNA, RNA, and other protein synthesis became the structures of life in a new perspective in the smallest ways leading to the continuing studies to uncover more. Scientists have come across multiple techniques in which created treatments to the illnesses humans have dealt and may have to deal with. Accordingly, biophysics is the conceptual portion of protein dynamics to what is known and is yet to be known.

Science is a term merely stating the broad foundation that defines living organisms to how the atmosphere responds. To understand these more in depth we focus on certain branches and scientists continue to do so because we live in a complex world that keeps changing. Among these studies scientists are able to state that there are small existing worlds that form our world with the work of biophysics—the application of physics onto the world of biology—significantly seen in protein dynamics. Protein dynamics is of great importance when it comes to the human health, to know how proteins work and the ability to structure them for our benefit can lead to remarkable advances not only in the medical field but also in the sciences as a whole.

Physics is the leading character in the daily life of the individual. As we sleep the normal force of the bed is holding our body in place to rest while gravity makes sure our body does not float away and wake up in an unknown place. The same forces affect the smallest particle, in this case proteins, on Earth the majority of the time by the statistical mechanics, which involves the use of work, heat, free energy and entropy. Proteins are complex particles that make an organism’s genetic...
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