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Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Waste Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Different Waste Management Options in Singapore

Yen Hong To, Registration Number: 120116728, CPE6008


This paper gives an assessment for several waste management tools in Singapore, a properous small island located in Southeast Asia which is internationally renowned as the greenest and cleanest country. Over decades, dramatic industrialization and economic development have put pressure country’s environment. In 1972, disposed solid waste was 0.74 million tonnes, the figure went up to 2.80 million tonnes in 2000 (Renbi Bai, Mardina Sutanto, 2002). In order to maximine economic growth and control waste generating rate, Singapore government carries out various options in waste management. To solid waste management, Singapore has traditional two methods: incineration and landfill. Being an island with limited land resource, solid waste incineration is preferred in Singapore. However, incineration causes emissions that may harm to human’s health and environment. In this case, a campaign so-called 3 Rs (short for reduce, reuse and recycle) becomes the best solution. In a study by Hsien H. Khoo and Reginald B.H Tan (2012) was investigated that the overall current recycling rate increased from 48% in year 2004 to 60% by the year 2012. Moreover, several recycling companies located at an industrial area named Sarim- bun Recycling Park play an important role in 3R campaign. Hsien H. Khoo and Reginald B.H Tan also conducted that waste materials in whole Singapore are sent there for additional reprocessing (the journal of the air and waste management association, Feb 2012). The journal also shows that recycling saves energy and helps mitigate carbon di- oxide (CO2) emissions. The saticfactory result is that 48% of its waste is recycled in the year 2004.

Therefore, by a comparison of different options of waste treatment in Singapore, the benefits of recycling is significant. It maximizes recycling while minimizing waste.


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