Literature in English Test

Topics: Things Fall Apart, Animal Farm, Chinua Achebe Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: February 5, 2013



TIME: 2Hrs Date: 25th November 2010


1. Answer a total of five questions.
2. Answer not more than two questions on any one book.

Orwell:Animal Farm
1. The song ‘Beasts of England’ clearly outlines the aspirations and vision of the animals on Animal Farm. What are these aspirations that the song reveals? Say why the animals fail to realize them. 2. Mr. Jones is portrayed as having been a capable farmer, but of late has fallen on evil days. Clearly explain what causes Mr. Jones to become an incapable farmer. How does this change affect both his farm and the animals? 3. Give character descriptions of Old Major and Mr. Jones. What roles did Old Major and Mr. Jones play in bringing about rebellion on ‘Animal Farm’?

Achebe: Things Fall Apart
1. “As the elders said, ‘If a child washed his hands he could eat with kings.’ Okonkwo had surely washed his hands and so ate with kings and elders. Give evidence from the text of how Okonkwo washes his hands and show that he now eats with kings and elders. 2. With examples from the text, explain the roles and importance of the deities; Agbala and Ani, in the society. 3. The novel “Things Fall Apart” is divided into three parts. What does each part represent? Give details.

P’bitek:Song of Lawino
1. In the poem “The Woman With Whom I Share My Husband” what is Lawino’s lament? 2. How true is the assertion that Lawino is just a spokes person and tool being used by the author to put his ideas across? 3. What are the major differences between the Western and African views of beauty according to the “Song of Lawino”?

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