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How was the theme religion potrayed in Parson’s Pleasure? * Religion was potrayed as ill-use in this short story.
~ Religion was misused in this story as Mr. Boggis use it to conceal his true intentions in buying the antique furnitures.

“Apart from the fact that he was at this moment disguised in the uniform of a clergyman there was nothing very sinister about Mr Cyril Boggis. By trade he was a dealer in antique furniture, with his own shop and showroom in the King's Road, Chelsea. His premises were not large, and generally he didn't do a great deal of business, but because he always bought cheap, very very cheap, and sold very very dear, he managed to make quite a tidy little income every year.”

~ Mr. Boggis used it as a defence to avoid the guilt in fulfilling his greed for money. He deceived others for his own personal satisfaction.

* Religion was also potrayed as a masquerade.
~ People tend to believe what they see and hear but not through their faith such as Rummins and the lady in Queen Anne. They accept in to their houses with a simple explanation of something that is even unfamiliar for them. “Watching her as he spoke, he could see the magic beginning to do its work. The woman was grinning now, showing Mr Boggis a set of enormous, slightly yellow teeth. `Madam,' he cried `I beg of you please don't get me started on Socialism.' At that point, she let out a great guffaw of laughter, raised an enormous red hand, and slapped him so hard on the shoulder that he nearly went over. 'Come in!' she shouted `I don't know what the hell you want but come on in!'” “'Well,' Rummins said `I don't suppose there's any harm in your taking a look around if that's all you want.' He led the way across the yard to the back door of the farmhouse, and Mr Boggis followed him; so did the son Bert, and Claud with his two dogs.”

* Religion was also potrayed as a karma.
~ Whatever that goes around...
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