Literary Analysis Luella Miller

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Literary Analysis Luella Miller

There has been a flood of folklore and popular myth on the subject of supernatural beings capable of sucking the life out of their victims. One can find a mention of these creatures throughout the centuries. From a Succubus in the Bible to the Vampires of today’s Twilight Sagas, the short story “Luella Miller” by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman is no different. This story, unlike many other tails, did not just come out and say that the creature was present for sure; it more or less hinted to it possible existences. Also the hypnotic state that the victims were in brings the reader to believe that something unnatural is at hand. With a closer look through the eyes of our narrator, Lydia Anderson, we can clearly see that the cause and effect of helping the alleged Succubus is very harmful and could possiblly cause death. In the short “Luella Miller” the evidence of an active Succubus is supported throughout the writings; only by looking closer can we find the truth.

In the short story, “Luella Miller”, by Mary E. Wilkens, the writer implies at several points throughout the story that Luella Miller and the house that she lived in had so sort of supernatural powers. For example, story speaks on how many of the town’s people were afraid and even held on to superstitions about the house that Luella lived in. “Luella used to sit in a way that no one else could if they sat up and studied a week of Sundays and it was a sight to see her walk. (Luella Miller p126) These statements can be interpreted by the reader that Luella possessed some form of supernatural power that no one else had because she was able to do things that no one else could.

“Her eyes were as blue and her face all pink and white like a blossom, and she looked at Aunt Abby in the bed sort of innocent and surprised.” (Luella Miller p130) This statement illustrates Luella’s powers as a succubus. While Aunt Abby who was once well and vibrant is now lying in bed close to...
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