Literarty Analysis: a Farewell to Arms

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3. How does the author establish John Grady’s character? How has he changed by the novel’s end? At what points in the book do we see him change? A. The author introduces John Grady at the start of this novel as a sixteen year-old boy living on his grandfather’s ranch with his mother. He is a joyful boy and is living a good life doing work that he loves on the ranch. When his Grandfather dies, he changes drastically. His attitude towards life is different, he realizes his dreams, and immediately decides to pursue them.

6, On page 89 Rawlins says: “A goodlookin horse is like a goodlookin woman… They’re always more trouble than what they’re worth.” How does this statement foreshadow events to come? Where else in the novel do casual statements serve as portents? A. This statement foreshadows the trouble John Grady will have with Alejandra in the future. Alejandra is a beautiful and unique girl with bright blue eyes. John goes through a lot of trouble to get back to the hacienda to then not get Alejandra back. (I couldn’t find any quotes about blue eyes)

7. How does the author establish the differences between the United States and Mexico? How does their respective inhabitants seem to view each other?
A. McCarthy adds great detail to descriptions: “They spent the night with their hands chained through the stirrups of their saddles, trying to keep under their single blankets.” “…And ate a dish containing some kind of pale and fibrous tuber, some kind of meat, and some kind of fowl. All of it stringy, all if it sour.” “… cuidado con el bote” “don’t step in the bucket…” “Turn around. Put down your pants. He turned around and unbuckled his belt and pushed his trousers down around his knees and then the cheap cotton undershorts…”
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