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110604 EPISODE 1: (All from Shim Soo Bong)

Jonghyun - One Way Back (by Park Sunju, 1989) and A Million Roses

Yesung - The First Poem (by Shin Sungwoo) and I Don’t Know Anything But Love

IU - Good Person (by Toy) and Men Are Boats Women Are Harbors

Changmin - First Impression (by Kim Hyunmo, 1994) and Because of a Woman

110611 EPISODE 2:

Ji Eun - Friends (by Park Hyo Shin)

Yoseob - With You Forever (by Lee Moon Sae)

Jonghyun - Left-Hander (by Panic)

Changmin - Nest (by Nam Jin)

Yesung - One Man (by Kim Jong Kook)

110618 EPISODE 3: (All songs from Boohwal)

Jonghyun - Lonely Night (1997)

Changmin - Never Ending Story (2002)

Yesung - The More That I love You (1993)

Ji Eun - Reminiscence3 (1987)

Yoseob - HeeYa (1985)

110625 EPISODE 4:

Ji Eun - Dream (by Lee HyunWoo,1992)

G.O. - Love Is A Cold Temptation (by Yang SuKyung,1991)

Changmin - Jealousy (by Yoo SeongBeom,1992)

Hongki - My Love, Stay With Me (by Kim HyunSik,1991)

Junsu - You Inside My Dim Memory (by Hyun JinYoung,1992)

110702 EPISODE 5 (All songs from Min Haekyung)

G.O. - You’re Love Is Enough

Hongki - You’re Laughing Like A Doll But

Junsu - I Wanna See Your Face

Changmin - You’re Laughing Like A Doll But

Ji Eun - Whose Life Is It Anyway?

110716 EPISODE 7 (All songs from Joo Hyun Mi)

G.O. - You’re Leaving For Memories

Jiyoon - We Meet Again

Changmin - Blues of Tears

Junsu - Wait

Hongki - That Person at Shinsa-dong

110723 EPISODE 8 (Male Vocalist Special)

Wheesung - A Man In A Yellow Chasse (by Jeong Min Ah)

Lee Hyuk - Silla’s Moon

Lee Jung - Cheongpodo Love

Im Tae Kyung - Miss Camellia (by Baritone Ukulele)

K.Will - Mokpo’s Tears (by Lee Nan Young)

Hwan Hee - Reed’s Original (by Baritone Ukulele)

Lee Seok Hoon - One Fine Spring Day (by Jaurim)

Kim Tae Woo - Red Shoe Girl (by Lee Yong Ei)

110730 EPISODE 9 (Female Vocalist Special, All songs from Shin Seung Hoon)

Lim Jeong Hee - A Long Time After That

Jang Hee Young - Romeo & Juliet

Lee Hae Ri - You’re Only A Little Bit Higher Place Than Me

Choi Jin E - You Through A Smile

Lyn - Mommy

Seo In Young - Like The First Feeling

Dana - Don’t Make Me Cry

110806 EPISODE 10

Huk Gak with Hong Jong Gu - What I Want From You (Noise)

Jiyoon with DJ Koo - I Am (CLON)

Kyuhyun with Son Hoyoung - Lie (G.O.D)

G.O with Kan Miyoun - Killer (Baby Vox)

Jay with Moon Hee Jun - Candy (H.O.T.)

110813 EPISODE 11 (All songs from Kim Soo Hee)

Jay - Aemo

Huk Gak - Yoke

Kyuhyun - Gone Too Far

Jiyoon - Southbound Train

G.O. - I Can’t Forget

110820 EPISODE 12 (Best Actor Friends Special)

Jay with Kim Su Ro, Jang Hyuk, Solbi - Tell Me (Junisean)

Huk Gak with Lee Si Young - 1 And 1/2 (Twotwo)

110827 EPISODE 13 (All songs from Kim Wan Sun)

Jay - Feel Good Day

Jiyoon - The Clown Is Laughing At Us

G.O. - Tonight

Huk Gak - That Dance In The Rhythm

Kyuhyun with Jungmo - Masquerade

110903 EPISODE 14

G.O. - To You Again (Byun Jin Sub)

Jay - Turn Around And Look AT Me (DEUX)

Huk Gak - I Only Have You

Jiyoon - Coming Of Age Ceremony (Park Ji Yoon)

Kyuhyun - Etude Of Memory (Jeon Hwam Rae)

Ep15 110910 (all songs by Nam Jin)

Jay Park- You, Do not change

Huh Gak- If you loved me

Hyorin- You are always on my mind

Kyuhyun- With you

G.O – Heart is painful

Jiyoon- Even it is hateful again

Ep16 110917 70’s80’s big match

Lee Hyuk(Norazo)- Passionate Love (Yun Si Nae)

ALi- Red Dragonfly(Cho Yong Pil)

Lee Hae Ri- Forgoteen Flower(Kim Soo Chl)

Lim Jeong Hee- What Should I Do (sand pebbles)

Lee Jung- The woman in the rain (Shin Jung Hyun)

Lee Ki Chan- Far away, my honey (kim Choo Ja)

Gavy NJ- I’ll Love everything (Song Gol Mae)

Ep17 110924 (70’s 80’s big match part 2)

Hong Kyung Min- Must

Lim Tae Kyung- Passionate Love

Seo In Young-...
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