Lisa Benton (a)

Topics: Decision making, Teamwork, Decision theory Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: April 5, 2008
What ist the key problem in this case?
The key problem in the Lisa Benton case is that Lisa isn’t accepted by her team. She feels like that she is not getting enough responsibility und she doesn’t have a good feeling about her future in this company. She got to much problems with her collegues who doesn’t like her because of her MBA. Lisas problm is that she does not contribute enough. She is to “shy” and passiv acoording to the text she try to act like a learner. But she have to stand up for herself und share her thoughts with the others so they can see she try everything to get involved. She really needs to contribute! It all comes down to teams, teamwork, individual and group decissions.

How is the Problem adressed?
The Problem is adressed through Deborah Lintons agressiv negativ attitude against Lisa, Ron Scovilles condescending behavior and Lisas passiv attitude towards her collegues ad the project. Linton and Scoville they both doesn’t have an MBA and since promotion are very rare they see Lisa as an opponent. Maybe Linton thought that once Lisa is in the job she can take over her position because Lisa have an MBA and she doesn’t. I think that is why Scoville and Linton try to keep Lisa down o the floor and they don’t let her take responsibility in the project. Also Linton isn’t very objectiv about the whole situation because Scoville is one of her best friends and they are very close to each other so she always will be on his side. In my opinion Linton is not the right Person for this job. On the other hand Lisa, according to the text, isn’t really happy with the pur and fresh project, i think that is also a reason why the team work isn’t working out because she wants a better project. With all this problems it is not surprising that this people can’t work together as a team. As a team they have to share the leadership activity, accountability must be both individual and collective, they have to develop theire own pupose as a group, problem solving...
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