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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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What kind of server repond to recursive queries ? how does this server work ? A DNS servers that is setup with to preform recursive queries or an SQL server
What kind of dns record is likely to be returned when a web browser tries to resolve the domain part uri? An A (address) record points to a domain.
What are mx resource records for?
identifies the email servers for a domain
How would you find the ip address of from the command line? $ hostname
$ dig
How would you instruct a linux system to use the local network? Dns cache located at or the isp’s Dns cache ,located at, if lan nameserver is unavailable ?

Tree files to check on.

man host.conf will tell you about the order option

Is for static dns resolve

the file for all your dns needs

then edit:
add the following:
How would you instruct a Dns server response only to queries from the 137.44*ip range Add the following line to the Options section in /etc/named.conf: allow-query { };
How might a resolver attempt to find the ipaddress of the example domain A resolver will append several different domains to an unqualified Domain Name producing FQDNS that passes them one at a time.

How would you set up a private domain name hierarchy that does not include any of the official interNIC assigned domain names ? Set up a DNS cache that defines the zone . (period) clause explicitly, rather than relying on the hint file.
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