Lineage of Sin and Death

Topics: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: August 11, 2012
Kathleen Perrault

BIB – 104

June 10, 2012

Professor Michael Tindle

Lineage of Sin and Death

Kathleen Perrault
June 9, 2012
Professor Michael Tindle

The Lineage of sin and death

In the beginning of Genesis God created the heavens and earth. He saw it was good, so he decided to create a man out of the dirt He had created. Doing so he breathed life into the first man made in His image. So Adam did not have anyone that was close to him to relate to. Next God took a rib from the man, closed the open place (where the rib was taken from), created a helpmate for man. God called her woman her name was Eve (Genesis 3:6). They were not to eat of one tree in the middle of the garden. Then along comes Satan disguised as a serpent to tempt Eve, to commit sin against God. (Merrill, p.,57) In Genesis the fall of man to sin begins…God had told Adam and Eve that they could eat of any tree but the one in the middle of “the Garden of Eden”. Eve goes into the garden to eat some fruit from trees which she was allowed to eat from. Then Satan disguised himself as a Serpent. He saw Eve in the garden, so he decided to tempt her with the forbidden fruit of the tree of “Good and Evil”. He slithered around the tree and said to Eve, “why do you not eat of this tree”? Eve told the serpent “God forbade us to eat of this tree in the middle of the garden”. Then the serpent told the woman that she would be like God if she ate of it. So she ate the fruit, then gave it to her husband Adam. This is a disobedience against God and they both sinned. This led to the fall of man to sin and inherited the nature of sin from Adam and Eve (Romans 5:12-21). Sin has been around since a good Angel went disobeyed God and sent him out of Heaven. As we to sin with our own disobedience to God makes Him very sad....
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