Like a Virgin

Topics: Hymenorrhaphy, Morocco, Woman Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Note: Some names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the persons involved. Fake nose, fake lips, fake bust… Can anything stay natural these days? Surgeons have apparently achieved to change every part of the body and they ain’t going to stop. Indeed, another form of surgery has become widespread around the world: hymenoplasty. Morocco hasn’t escape from that trend. But why in the world a woman would want to have her hymen −the tissue that covers the external part of the vagina and is broken in the first sexual intercourse− back? According to Dr. Youssef Derouich, a general practioner at a health center in Marrakech, hymenoplasty is “the reconstitution of the hymen using an artificial tissue or using the mucous membrane to create in this case an endogenous hymen.” There is another type of hymenoplasty: hymenorraphy which is simply a temporary hymenoplasty. Dr. Derouich emphasized the fact that it is an expensive surgery that is not allowed by the Moroccan law −which is why it is done secretly in some private hospitals. The hymen of a hymenoplasty lasts until the sexual act, while the one resulting from a hymenorraphy lasts for about two weeks as Dr. Derouich explained. There’s more. Women have another option, less expensive but more risky, to simulate their virginity. A made in China gadget. It is basically a little plastic bag full of fake blood that explodes during the defilement. A trick worthy of the best illusionists. Originally, it was a sex-toy made by a Japanese company. Years after, a smart Chinese company, Gigimo, took this concept and started making cheap artificial hymens and selling them in Arab countries. We can now find these gadgets in some souks in Casablanca or Rabat for less than 300 dirhams (Roucaute). If Moroccan women are using those two methods these days to recreate a second virginity, despite the allergies, infections, and sutures’ failure that it may cause as Dr. Derouich asserted, it is mainly because of the importance of...
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