Like Men

Topics: Man, Thought, Woman Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: March 13, 2013
“Of all the nasty outcomes predicted for women’s liberation…none was more alarming than the suggestion that women would eventually become just like men.” This quote I thought about it as men are saying that is a bad thing that women COULD be just like men. I challenge this quote or the meaning that men are trying to say. I challenge because by their physical difference(which means the way they think also) and by the way the men do what women should be doing and the way women do what men should be doing.

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” Said George Carlin . Exactly! Now if men are from earth, and women are from the same place the men are then why can’t they be just alike? Physical Differences is how women could be like men, for example in the society we are facing now women are turning bisexual, lesbians which doesn’t it mean that they are likening the same sex. Same goes for the guys, the guys are turning bisexual and gays, and yet they think is bad for women to be like men. For example from the reading “Be a Man!” it said it means: Be stupid, be unfeeling, obedient, and soldierly and stop thinking. Are they saying that women are the opposite, as being smart, feeling, and disobedient and etc.? Women aren’t as smart as they think; women aren’t always feeling, and disobedient. They are saying this when women could be stupid could be unfeeling could be obedient and men could be smart, feeling and disobedient. For example my bowling coaches his dad past away and he cried which that means he DOES have feelings. “Her wonderfully lofty writing that zips between war, feminism, and politics as swiftly as the fighter pilots themselves” said Virginia Woolf. You see how women could me like men, and there’s nothing bad about it.

The way the men do what women should be doing and the way women do what men should be doing. People think that men should be doing what men should be doing for example fixing cars, working for the family, and etc. Then...
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