Life Satisfaction and Happiness

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Life Satisfaction and Happiness; Persons Who Have a Better Outlook on Life will be Happier and will have more Meaning and Satisfaction in their Life’s Journey

Renee` Ann Tiller
Capella University

LIFE SATISFACTION AND HAPPINESS 2 Thesis Statement: Persons Who Have a Better Outlook on Life will be Happier and will have more Meaning and Satisfaction in their Life’s Journey

I. Happiness and Life Satisfaction are interconnected and there is a direct correlation

between them. (Bennett, J. L., & Campone, F. (Eds.). (2006)., Peterson, C., Ruch, W.,

Beermann, U., Park, N., & Seligman, M. (2007).

1. Contentment vs. Autonomy. Being happy means being content. Having autonomy

means having control over one’s life. (Cohn, 2009). (Peterson, C., Ruch, W.,

Beermann, U., Park, N., & Seligman, M. (2007).

2. Positive emotions produce resilience. And support the Authentic Happiness

Theory (Headey, B., Schupp, J., Tucci, I., & Wagner, G. 2010)

3. Maslow states having balance is critical to what life has to offer. Sirgy, M., &

Wu, J. (2009).

4. Set Point Theory, and how being balanced also works well in support of this

theory. (Headey, 2010).

5. Purpose in Life Tests. Just how meaningful is it? ( Crumbaugh, J. (1977).
II. Tests and Measures that are currently being used to test for Happiness as well as Life

III. Satisfaction with Life Scale (Corrigan, J. (2000). Slocum-Gori, S., Zumbo, B.,

Michalos, A., & Diener, E. (2009).

1. The Coaching Symposium. This instrument is used to determine “Coachability”.

(Bennett, J. L., & Campone, F. (Eds.). (2006).

2. The Happiness Measure. A psychometric instrument used for testing and

Measuring Happiness (Fordyce, M. (1980).

LIFE SATISFACTION 4 3. The Satisfaction with Life Scale. This instrument is used for testing Life Satis faction. (Corrigan, J. (2000). Seligman, M., Steen, T., Park, N., & Peterson, C.

4.Stress Management Questionnaire
a. This instrument is used for the purpose of obtaining others' perceptions of a

b. participant's behavior and life situation. (Petersen, J. (1983).

IV. Age and Gender

(Daig, I., Herschbach, P., Lehmann, A., Knoll, N., & Decker, O. (2009).

V. Spirituality and having meaning in what we do supports the happiness we feel within ourselves. (Sirgy, M., & Wu, J. (2009).

a. Random acts of kindness are used to spread happiness to other persons.

b. The Personal Well-Being Index. —satisfaction with spirituality and religiosity—

proven to be significant. (Wills, 2009). ( Vittersø, J., Oelmann, H., & Wang, A.



Annotated Bibliography

Bennett, J. L., & Campone, F. (Eds.). (2006). Proceedings of the fourth International

Coach Federation Coaching Research Symposium. Lexington, KY: International Coach


This psychometric instrument was developed primarily to assess the...
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