Life of a Student

Topics: Vada pav Pages: 3 (1362 words) Published: November 9, 2010
A day in the life of a student…
                       Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiinnngg..!!!!  and the alarm went off exactly at 7000hrs. Let me tell you folks it is really amazing how my friend Mr. Vishal Mandowara  ( P.G. 'B') manages to press the Snooze button perfectly even without opening his eyes. Oh, its still too early , I can surely manage to squeeze in  five more minutes yaaawnn and off he goes back to his dream world.    Trrrrrrriiiiing again the alarm shouts its lungs out, but the giant ( 220 pounds of pure FAT)  refuses to wake up. Then follows a series of Snooze Button pressing battle which is so accurate that it can even put THE GREAT ARJUN from MAHABHARAT to shame. But ultimately the alarm wins, the giant has woken up and is staring at the fan on the ceiling as if he is  going to gobble up the fan ( yes, all he does is dream of Food, Food and Food only).Suddenly he remembers a  face, that too of the director of his college, which makes him leap out of his bed and gets the gears in motion. On his way to the bathroom the giant with his eyes still full of sleep kicks and stumbles upon his fellow roommates waking them up and thus  follow an exchange of  some of the choicest words early in the morning. Yes, this is the sign that , now the day has officially begun. A multitasker that he is, brushing his teeth with one hand and shaving his beard with a  razor in other, the giant is angry and shouts, CHALO OYE..!!! JALDI KARO MUJHE COLLEGE JAANA HAI LATE HOGAYA TOH YAAD RAKHNA..!!! ( as if the poor  guy in the bathroom is responsible for that) , anyways  some how our hero manages to finish  his early morning chores  and gets ready on time. Oh SHIT…!!! Its already 9:15 A.M, I am surely going to miss my train and off he sprints out of his hostel with his bag jumping up and down on his right shoulder and the newspaper ready to fly of any moment now , believe me guys if ‘USAIN BOLT’ saw him run this fast that poor chap would immediately opt for Voluntary...
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