Life of a Hispanic

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Chayanne Mendoza-Tello
English 440 Life of a Hispanic
Mrs. Crook
Mar. 22, 1010

Life of a Hispanic, is about my life as a Hispanic in California. First I will talk about my feelings about being hispanic and why I feel so proud of being from Mexican culture. Second,I will describe my family and talk about my role in the house,and how is it living with a hispanic family. Third, I will talk about my religion which is Catholic and my believes, and also why the majority of Hispanics are Catholics. And lastly I will describe a food we Hispanics eat and the preparation proses for that food. And talk about my favorite food, also I will talk about why we Hispanics eat spicy and hot foods, specially with chile's and salsas and why its not the same when we don't eat with chile's or salsas.

To start off, just thinking or hearing the word Hispano or Hispanic make me feel happy and proud inside. Its hard to explain why, well maybe not. I'm I'm proud of being a Hispanic because we have many values. For example, our culture is unique we have delicious food, we have Historic places for example, Teotihuacan Mexico, where the Aztec's are and also where the Aztecs used to make human sacrifices for their gods. Also one of my favorite places, I would have to say, would have too be Cancun Mexico. Cancun is like the perfect beach, with the warm sun hitting your face, the light warm sand touching your feet, and above all the water is the color see through turquoise pretty much crystal clear. Above all the wonderful values as a hispanic I have, The things that makes me feel proud of -1-

being Hispanic is that even when people say we can't do something we show them we can. Theres a funny question saying, that go's like this “Are you a Mexican or a Mexicant”. For example the people that cross the border, I know thats not a good thing but from their point of view its a chance for a better life. Also people that argue that illegal immigrants should be disported, should think twice before making remarks. Why? You may ask. Well because if you think about it we aren't as bad as they say we are. We are hard workers, if it weren't for the illegal aliens as they say, who would out there in the fields pick the fruits and vegetables for everyone? If you think about it most of the fruits and vegetables we eat pass through an immigrants hands.

My family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have a mom two sisters and an uncle, the rest of my family lives in Mexico. My moms name is Grisel, my sisters names are Stephanie and Griscell, and my uncle's name is Ivan. My mom is the best mom in the world she is very strict but I thank her for being that way because now a days who knows how I would have turned out if it weren't for her, she is also very loving and affectionate with her kids but shes not like other moms that say I love you an doesn't even see the son or daughter in the hole day or buys the son or daughter things and wants to substituted that for love and affection, my mom doesn't just talk like that, she really shows that she cares about my sister and I with her actions for example, buy being strict as in letting my sisters and I know from right and wrong and the consequences, being there when we need help in something for example homework. My sisters are the best sister anyone can ask for, Griscell is my younger sister she is 12 years old and about to turn 13 in May 22 she go's to middle school and is about to transfer to the middle school here in Gilroy since we just moved here because of college. Griscell is always happy 95% of the time she has a smile on her face if she doesn't theres a problem or theres something wrong, most of the time my little sister likes to read any kind or book for example The Twilight books but what she loves the most is eating ice cream, her favorite is vanilla or cookie dough . On the other hand my -2-

older sister Stephanie is 18 years old, and is about to turn 19 in April 16, she is the...
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