Life of Pi Reflections

Topics: Man Booker Prize, Yann Martel, Life of Pi Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: October 16, 2011
The Man Booker Prize is my choice. Unlike the Pulitzer, the Booker Prize focuses specifically on rewarding authors who attained the highest level of novel writing. Also, the Booker prize is impartial as it rewards any writer who is a citizen of any Commonwealth country, as opposed to the American-only Pulitzer. Hence, I feel that the Booker prize encompasses a wider range of literature and is a better judge of good books. After much consideration, I have settled upon Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Martel is Canadian author of Spanish descent. As an adult, Martel has travelled the globe, spending time in Iran, Turkey and India. At age 27, he embarked on a writing career. Living in or visiting many cultures influenced his writing, providing the rich cultural background of Life of Pi. The task for writing the novel wasn’t easy; Martel spent six months in India visiting mosques, temples, churches and zoos, and then an entire year reading religious texts and castaway stories. After the research, the actual writing required two more years. Being a novel backed up with countless research is rare. Besides that, Life of Pi is a masterpiece on its own. Given that a candidate for the Booker Prize has to be the best original English novel, I believe that the judges of the event have not erred in choosing Life of Pi.

Section II (Question 2)
Life of Pi is about an Indian man named Piscine “Pi” Patel. Pi had an unconventional ideology with regards to religion. Being a passionate follower, he devoted himself to three religions, namely Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam, causing confusion and anger to both his family and the devotees of the respective religions. Pi’s family also ran a zoo, allowing him to understand the different behaviours of animals. Having lived in his birthplace India for sixteen years, his family decided to migrate to Canada due to the political unrest back at home. During the journey, tragedy struck. The ship on which they were travelling on sunk, and Pi’s...
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