Life of Amy Johnson

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  • Published : December 31, 2012
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Amy was born in 1903. At school she liked to play rough games. When she was 14 a football hit her in the mouth and hurt her lip. Some children laughed at her and called her ugly Amy. She told her parents she hated school.

Amy didn't play with other children after they called her ugly Amy. She watched adventure film at the cinema. One day she saw a film about a pilot who did tricks in an aeroplane. She thought it was exciting and decided to be a pilot.

Amy went to university and then worked in London, near an airfield. She liked to watch the small planes in the sky. Amy visited the air field and asked to be a pilot. People laughed at her because there were no women pilots. She worked very hard and she passed her test. Amy was a pilot. Amt learnt about planes. She was an engineer for two years. She learnt how to build and mend engines. She worked hard and was always dirty, but she didn't stop.

Amy wanted to fly from England to Australia on her own. A man called Bert Hinkler did the journey in fifteen days. Nobody thought a woman could do the same.

Amy bought a plane. She called it Jason. She sat in the cockpit and began her journey on 5 May 1930.

Onathe second day she landed in Istanbul but fell sick. On the fourth day she landed in Pakistan and stopped for three hours. She arrived in Singapore on e fourteenth day. On the twentieth day she flew her plane over a sea full of sharks, and landed in Darwin, Australia.
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