Life Long Learing

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Skill Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: January 20, 2013
The topic of this essay is Lifelong Learning, I want to attack a part of point of the writer, that part is SKILL AND COMPETENCES. The writer state that our learning involves ”knowing how” to do things rather than “knowing that” certain things are true. In my opinion, I think this is not the correct saying ,because I think everyone may learn how to do the things first, otherwise the people can’t do anything without knowledge and basic sense of that work. The writer give and example, we can speak a language without knowing its rules of grammar and syntax. This is a wrong thought, because when we were child ,our parents send us to the school to learn things including language, we can’t even speak a word without learning, we can’t even write a sentence without the correct grammar . Another example is we can ride a bicycle and play billiards without knowing or understanding the physics. This is also a wrong sentence , If we don’t know the basic knowledge, we can’t ride a bicycle or doing other things .The writer want to say that experience is more useful than the knowledge, but I want to attack that it is not the true. I think the most important thing is the basic knowledge. Experience is important but the basic knowledge is more important because we need the concepts of that things first. We have to know that step by step ,and then we can use the past experience. If we these two things, we can probably do things very well. Also the writer state that much of the knowledge in organizations is knowledge by acquaintance and knowing how, but also “knowing that” is include. These are the basic things that we should do in the first period, without knowledge ,we can’t do anything.
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