Life Lessons

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Brenda Peña
English Composition

The Key to Patience

Patience is a word that I constantly hear from my mother. My mother’s days as a young child were rough and not as convenient as things are now. Back in the 1970’s, in Dominican Republic there wasn’t such things as iPad’s, iPod’s and Iphone’s. Although it wasn’t the best life, she always had patience with everything she did and it truly brought her a long way. In the book “Life Lessons”, patience is one of the topics that the author Elizabeth Kubler ‘Ross and David Kessler mentions. It discusses on how patience affects our lives and the consequences in not having patience. I myself know I don’t have all the patience in the world however, by reading this book I actually think I’m not so bad. Elizabeth mentions how one of the hardest and frustrating lessons in life is realizing that we don’t always get what we want. You may want something now but you may not get it for a while. One of my favorite lines in this chapter is “In this modern world, people are not used to living in discomfort.” I adore that line because it is absolutely true! We all expect our results quickly and were all used to having things done immediately. For instance, if were hungry there’s always food available, from microwave dinners to all night grocery stores and restaurants. I’ve learned that according to the book, we need to develop faith and believe that everything will be okay. Trying not to always be in control of the situation and just letting things happen when there supposed to happen is what we need to do. In this world patience is crucial. For example, waiting in line to purchase items, our job, cooking, and people! Increasing the input of patience in everyone will bring out a better atmosphere and create a healthier way to work things out.
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