Life Is Dictated by Desires in "The Crucible"

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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Life is often dictated by a desire from deep within a person’s soul. People will usually act on whatever desire this is for their own personal gain. Be it greed for lust/love as represented by Abigail Williams, greed for power/authority as represented by Reverend Parris, or greed for land/wealth/power as represented by Thomas Putnam. Arthur Miller points out all of these in his play “The Crucible.” He shows how it leads to the corruption of a once good community. The greed and quest for power blurs the truth of many in the town of Salem, and causes great destruction in the families of a once “moral Christian” society. These statements prove that because Putnam has so much land it means he has power and status in the community. If he has his daughter accuse more people that live around him of being witches then if they are hung it is stated by their law that there land goes up for auction. Only Thomas Putnam has the money to buy up all that land and in buying up all the land he then establishes more power for himself which makes him and his daughter more “trustworthy” just because of all the land he owns. This blurs the truth because the people of Salem believe people with the most land(Thomas Putnam), but in this case this is not a good thing because just because someone has a lot of land doesn’t mean there trustworthy or not just out to get more stuff for themselves. Thomas Putnam even gipped his siblings in the fact that he rewrote his father’s will after he died and willed almost everything to himself and barely left anything for his siblings. In this quote John Proctor admits to having an affair with Abigail Williams. He says the only reason that Abigail accused his wife of witchcraft is because she is a greedy whore and wants him all to herself. The only way this could happen is if Elizabeth died, so Abigail accuses her of being a witch so that Elizabeth Proctor will hang so that Abigail can be with John. Since John had denied her earlier in the play she...
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