Life Goes on

Topics: United States, Government, Street Pages: 6 (964 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Based on your responses, YOU are a… Libertarian
Along with 9% of the public
Compare the Typology Groups On
Typology Group Profiles
* -------------------------------------------------
Staunch Conservatives
* -------------------------------------------------
Main Street Republicans
* -------------------------------------------------
YOU Libertarians
* -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
New Coalition Democrats
* -------------------------------------------------
Hard-Pressed Democrats
* -------------------------------------------------
Solid Liberals
* -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
* Review your Responses
* How We Identified Your Group
* Read the Report
* Video: Michael Dimock Summarizes the Report's Main Findings Sign up to receive the Pew Research Center newsletter, a regular email update with new analysis on politics, the media and more. Educators: If you use the Political Typology in your class, please share your feedback and help us make it a more useful tool. * Economic Stress

* Politics & Elections
* Government & Economic Policy
* Military & Foreign Policy
* Social & Domestic Policy
* Demographics
Staunch Conservatives
9% of the public
What They Believe
* Extremely critical of the federal government
* Favor an assertive foreign policy
* Pro-business; against stricter environmental laws and regulations * Strongly opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage
* Convinced the 2010 health care law will be bad for the country * View immigrants as a threat to traditional American customs and values * Nearly half believe President Obama born outside the United States Who They Are

* 84% are Republicans
* 72% agree with the Tea Party
* More than nine-in-ten are non-Hispanic white
* The oldest typology group (61% are age 50 and older)
* 56% are male; most are married and financially comfortable * 57% own guns and 57% attend church every week
* 54% regularly watch Fox News
* More watch Glenn Beck and listen to Rush Limbaugh than any other group How this group compares to the rest of the country on key issues … Staunch Conservatives
General Public
Key Beliefs of Staunch Conservatives versus the General Public * Government is almost always wasteful and inefficient
* Staunch Conservatives 90%
* General Public 55%
* The best way to ensure peace is through military strength * Staunch Conservatives 76%
* General Public 31%
* Most corporations make a fair and reasonable profit
* Staunch Conservatives 78%
* General Public 39%
* Stricter environmental laws and regulations cost too many jobs and hurt the economy * Staunch Conservatives 92%
* General Public 39%
* The government today can't afford to do much more to help the needy * Staunch Conservatives 87%
* General Public 51%
* New health care law will have a mostly bad effect on U.S. health care * Staunch Conservatives 80%
* General Public 27%
* Religion is a very important part of my life
* Staunch Conservatives 90%
* General Public 71%
* The U.S. stands above all other countries in the world
* Staunch Conservatives 67%
* General Public 38%
* The growing number of newcomers from other countries threatens traditional American customs and values * Staunch Conservatives 68%
* General Public 39%
Main Street Republicans
11% of the public
What They Believe
* Highly critical of government
* Strongly opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage
* Less enamored of business than the Staunch Conservatives * Generally negative about immigrants
* Mostly opposed to social welfare programs...
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