Life Cycle of a Silkworm

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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Topic : Life cycle of a silkworm

Silksworms are interesting insects . Have you ever watch them ? What do you know about their life cycles ? You will be able to discover some really amazing things when making a study of silkworm’s life cycle .

Similar to other insects , the first stage in silkworm’s life cycle is beginning its life in an egg . To create eggs , the adult moths mate with each other . After that , the female moth lays many tiny eggs on mulberry leaves .

After ten to twelve days on a mulberry leaf , a tiny black caterpillar hatches out of the egg . It eats for twenty to thirty days , comsuming large amounts of mulberry leaves to grow bigger and bigger . The caterpillar has to moult through four changes of skin . This proccess is called “Larva” .

The next stage of silkworm’s life cycle is changing into pupa . The caterpillar spins a cocoon of silk thread around itself for protection , to permit the development of the pupa . The caterpillar will change into a pupa inside the cocoon . The cocoon takes about three days to be fully complete and is a similar size to a peanut shell . In this stage , people can unwind the silk thread from the cocoon to weave into clothes .

The pupa emerges from the cocoon as a moth after ten to twelve days . This is the last stage of silkworm’s life cycle . The adult moths mate with each other and the female moth will die after laying eggs . The amount of female moth’s eggs is more than 350 eggs .

Its life cycle occurs once a year in the wild , but under scientific breeding it can occur up to three times in a year to create more silk thread . The female silkworm lays eggs and a new life cycle begins . Silkworm is not only interesting but also helpful insect . Let’s discover the amazing things of silkworm’s life cycle and know the proccess of making silk thread .

Outline :

1. 1st stage (Egg) :

• Adult moths mate with each other

• Female moth...
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