Life Ccanges Leading to Career Changes

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Life Changes Leading To Career Changes
All my life I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, the opportunity to help young children grow and learn was very enticing to me. Growing up, I constantly played school, and I was, of course, the teacher to anyone or anything that would sit still long enough for me give them my daily lesson. That was until August 2011, when my Grandma finally went to the doctor because she had not felt well for months. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had a tumor the size of a basketball – yes, a basketball. She had hid this mid-section protrusion well with her wardrobe, all while refusing to go to the doctor. She entered the hospital on August 2, 2012, and passed away on September 19, 2012, after two chemotherapy treatments in an attempt to prolong her life. While spending many hours at the hospital, I became very interested in the nurses that came in to care for my grandma. I began to really watch what they did and began to talk to them to gain more insight on the nursing career. This is what I want to do; I want to care for others and help them deal with the struggles that may be facing them. I decided that I needed to make a career change, even though I had not really even started my career; I need to be a nurse. My career change decision was once again enforced in February 2012, when my grandpa had a stroke, maybe from a broken heart after losing grandma, the love of his life. So, back to the hospital we went to be with grandpa. He was in the intensive care unit (ICU), so that was a very interesting time for me to see how involved the ICU nurses were with their patients, how they truly cared for their patient’s well-being, as they only had two rooms they were responsible for. They talked to me and explained what they did on a daily basis, their schooling they had completed and in some cases, the schooling they were still accomplishing in order to further their careers. From the acute care...
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