Life Boat Ethics

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fe boaOscar Rubi
American Government And Politics
Professor- J.Carney-Waterton
November 5, 2012
Life Ethics Essay
The plane crashes on a deserted island near the Florida coast. The plane is equipped with two life rafts but one has burned completely and only one is working correctly. Only four people may get on board the life raft and live. There is a husband and wife expecting twins, a chemical engineer, a priest, a college student majoring in sociology, a police officer, a war vet, a historian, and a nursing student. Only four may live, the four I choose is the husband and wife, the police officer and the chemical engineer. ……..

Chemical engineer- The engineer is chosen to stay because he has a very important role in society. A chemical engineer may design something like a medicine or a certain chemical that may change the world! They may also design the next bio logical warfare weapon that put Americans ahead of all the other counties. This engineer may also help develop the next generation fuel that may power our cars and homes. The main reason why I choose to keep the engineer is because he or she has major potential of developing something major and it could impact thousands and it’s an important job field here in America.

The police officer- I choose the police office because he is an active part in protecting our laws and our citizens. I believe the officer has a lot of his life ahead of him and one day even become a police chief and oversee a department. He has proved essential to society by risking his life every day.

The husband and wife- I choose the husband and wife because they have twins on the way. Another reason I choose them is because the two twins have a possibility of growing up and maybe one of them being someone important to earth and fine a cure for cancer or maybe even aids. This is why I choose them and because women who are pregnant is first in a priority in any situation and those kids need a dad to grow...
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