Life and Future Biological Research

Topics: Life, Science, Biology Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: December 11, 2011
AYK #1 Biology 105

Q: What are five issues that biological research may help us solve in the near future?


In the near future Biological research may assist scientist in solving severe problems that have an impact on all forms of life. One problem at hand is how to control the human population. The human race is rapidly increasing and this has had a negative effect on the existence of natural ecosystems. Which leads to another issue Biological research may help scientists solve, producing enough food for the population. With natural ecosystems disappearing so are our resources for food. Developing an efficient method of producing food is a problem scientists must solve in order to sustain our planet as well as our survival. The connection between heredity, abnormal body chemistry, and diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, & stroke us another problem Biological research can help scientists solve in the future. Attention to our planets health is vital since the earth is the life force for all living things. The focus on ecology is essential to our survival. The climate changes, pollution, and disappearing natural ecosystems are all issues science may help solve in the near future. The answers to these issues may or may not be solved in our lifetime but biological research will help bring scientists closer every day. By identifying cause and effect relationships, observing & questioning what is going on in the world, testing and retesting hypotheses, collecting & sharing information, scientists can form a logical course of action for these issues from a scientific point of view.
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