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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Thou shalt bear false witness is not a common phrase for a reason. The truth and truth telling are looked upon as good because of human nature, yet why is that so often it is not the truth that is spoken? Circumstances should not determine whether or not to tell the truth because the truth gives a good reputation, healthy relationships and beneficial life.

People naturally want others to think good of them; being an honest person is looked upon and produces a good reputation. Abraham Lincoln was known as “Honest Abe” because his campaign planners wanted him to be more likeable to give him an upper hand at winning for President. Honesty has always been a commendable attribute. George Washington is known for telling the truth about chopping down a cherry tree for the same reason, so that the American people would admire and revere them. In the Scarlet letter Rev. Dimmesdale is making an argument to Chillingworth that sometimes deception is needed to keep people from turning away from God. Chillingworth responds with the question, “Can lies glorify God more than the truth?” Honesty is a good trait to have and telling to truth is a positive habit to practice because it is looked upon by others as a good thing to do.

No one wants a relationship founded on lies, because it will crumble whereas a relationship founded on truth will be healthy. “Does this make me look fat?” is probably a question that more often than not will be answered with a lie. Sometimes the truth can hurt but even the pettiest lies are unhealthy in any relationship. Simple white lies told in a relationship is a gateway to bigger lies entering. Even if it may hurt their feelings it may be protecting them from the ridicule of others. If there is something wrong noticed by a friend, others are bound to notice as well. It is better to hear it from a friend than a complete stranger.

Being an honest and moral person is beneficial to living a joyful life. One of the number one things parents teach...
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