Library Assignment

Topics: Genetically modified organism, Genetically modified food, Genetic engineering Pages: 4 (1187 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Library Assignment
Scholarly Journal
Windley, S., (2008). Genetically modified foods.
This article comes from a scholarly journal called Genetically Modified Foods and it explains what genetically modified foods are and what effects they have in our bodies. A genetically modified food is the change of the foods original DNA structure. One of the many purposes of GMO’s is for the resistance against herbicides used in the fields. According to the article, a big concern about GMO’s is the lack of published human studies. Along with Dr. Steve Windley, and his professional colleagues they came to the conclusion that there is no sufficient evidence to prove what will happen in the long-term. There is some evidence though, that proves it leads to more allergies. It has been showed that a person that was not allergic to the wild soy plant was allergic to the GMO soy. Dr. Steve Windley and his colleagues gave us a basic understanding of genetically modified foods.

This article by Dr. Steve Windley will be a helpful source to include in my speech, because it explains what genetically modified foods are and some effects it has in our bodies. The supporting material of this article is clear because he and his fellow colleagues are professional physicians. They make their point but, leaving us a little in doubt since they provide questions that cannot be answered. Although they do provide other supporting evidence to back up what they are saying. For example, the evidence they used about GMO’s leading to more allergies. This source is verifiable, because the sources Dr. Steve Windley used is factual evidence with proper citation. The material is also competent due to the fact that Dr. Windleys is a professional in his subject. The supporting detail is also relevant because it is Dr. Windleys professional opinion supported with facts about genetically modified foods, which is one of my main points.

Hsu, T. (2013). Whole Foods to require labels on...
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