Liberal Education and Humanities

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The nature of liberal education is composed of general subjects, particularly humanities, which will help a person prepare, strengthen and broaden their knowledge and intellectual for the betterment of his future. It is also somehow able to tap a person’s hidden potentials and it allows him to know what he really wanted to pursue. Since it is the one that provides you the foundation to understand the Humanities, it makes it easier for a person, particularly students, to acquire more about it and how it will bring benefit to him. Based from Prof. Alejandro Llano’s “The Perennial Relevance of the Humanities” (par. 2, page 2), Humanities are those branches of knowledge that deal with what is most human in man, particularly his thoughts, language, freedom, virtues, desires and many more that basically involves his person. According to Mortimer J. Adler’s “Labor, Leisure, and Liberal Education”, liberal education lie in the way we make of our leisure, on activities on which we make use of it. (par. 1, page 1.) He explained that liberal education could be a leisure activity since people enjoy doing it and that they do not consider it as work or labor. He said that liberal education is being engaged in leisure activities such as thinking or learning, reading or writing, conversation or correspondence and many more. (par. 10, page 2.) He considered it fun and hence, defines it as activities that are desirable for his own sake, something in which he will be the one who will benefit from it. That is why there is Humanities so that a person can be able to enhance himself in different leisure activities and not just in a one and major activity. He believed that liberal education could develop a person because there is physical training, which aims him to construct a good condition of the body. Also there is moral training, which aims him to produce good moral perfections, habits or virtues, and finally there is intellectual training, which aims him to...
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