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Freshwater swamp forests, or flooded forests,  are forests which are inundated with freshwater, either permanently or seasonally. They normally occur along the lower reaches of rivers and around freshwater lakes. Freshwater swamp forests are found in a range of climate zones, from boreal ecosystem through temperate and subtropical to tropical.

23 Freshwater swamp forest in the World:


• Eastern Congolian swamp forests (Democratic Republic of the Congo) • Niger Delta swamp forests (Nigeria)
• Western Congolian swamp forests (Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo).


• Northern New Guinea lowland rain and freshwater swamp forests (Indonesia, Papua New Guinea) • Southern New Guinea freshwater swamp forests (Indonesia, Papua New Guinea)


• Borneo peat swamp forests (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia) • Chao Phraya freshwater swamp forests (Thailand)
• Irrawaddy freshwater swamp forests (Myanmar)
• Peninsular Malaysian peat swamp forests (Malaysia, Thailand) • Red River freshwater swamp forests (Vietnam)
• Southwest Borneo freshwater swamp forests (Indonesia) • Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh
• Tonle Sap-Mekong peat swamp forests (Cambodia, Vietnam) • Wathurana freshwater swamp forest (Sri Lanka)


• Cantão igapó forest (Brazil)
• Gurupa varzea (Brazil)
• Iquitos varzea (Bolivia, Brazil, Peru)
• Marajó varzea (Brazil)
• Monte Alegre varzea (Brazil)
• Orinoco Delta swamp forests (Guyana, Venezuela)
• Pantanos de Centla (Mexico)
• Paramaribo swamp forests (Guyana, Suriname)
• Purus varzea (Brazil)
RATARGUL – The Freshwater Swamp forest in Bangladesh

Ratargul Swamp Forest is a freshwater swamp forest located in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Freshwater swamp forests, or flooded forests, are forests which are inundated with freshwater, either permanently or seasonally. They normally occur along the lower reaches of rivers and around freshwater lakes. Freshwater swamp forests are found in a range of climate zones, from boreal through temperate and subtropical to tropical. It is the only swamp forest located in Bangladesh and one of the few freshwater swamp forests in the world. The forest is naturally conserved under the Department of Forestry, Govt. of Bangladesh.


The evergreen forest is situated by the river Goain and linked with the cannel Chengir Khal. This forest is flooded by the water coming from hills of India only in the monsoon period and make the swamp. Other time, it remains dry. Water of this beautiful forest is so clear that you can see the bottom layer. Water level never remains in the same level on this forest. It depends on the quantity of rainfalls. Water level could be 15-20 feet in the forest on the time of heavy rainfall. Total area of the forest is 3325.61 acres, among which 504 acres of forest was declared wildlife sanctuary in 1973.

Main trees of this forest are zigzag style Koroch and Hizal tree. Root of these trees are in two level. One in the ground, and another in the mid level which is used while the forest is flooded in the monsoon time. If someone sees this forest in monsoon time, he may think these trees are born above the water because of the roots in mid level.

It’s a good source of different local fish. It’s the habitat of different wildlife, monkeys, snakes, frogs, and many types of birds are seen here. You would have seen vulture & Eagle if you are lucky. Some part the forest gets so narrow that you can’t go by boat. You will get the flavor of Amazon forest here. [pic]

4 months in monsoon period is the best time to explore the forest. You can hire a local wooden boat and spend a whole day wondering and relaxing in the forest. Other time there will be no water in the forest, and you have to walk in clay. Ratargul Swamp forest – Tourist Guide

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