Liam O'Flaherty's the Sniper

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The fairytale ``The sniper´´, written by Liam O´Flaherty, is about a symbolizing action of two snipers fighting during the civil war in Dublin. Written from the perspective of the sniper sitting on the roof ( limited omniscient) the setting as a street near to O´Connell Bridge. In the time around 1922 there was a civil war in Ireland where Republicans fought Free Staters. The battles were everywhere, either on the opened street or in buildings. It didn´t depend on the spot, following many battles were on open streets with civilians crossing the way and tanks driving through it. Though, ``The Sniper´´ is a story which retells the situations inside Dublin. In addition it creates a personally dramatic scene of two brothers who are shooting towards each other. The fact that the Sniper is not aware he is fighting against is a point that makes suspense. The conflict between two men is an example for the civil war that took place in a couple of families. Another point is the many symbols the reader can find out easily. That makes the story readable and interesting. The first measured fact is the issue that no one of the sniper knew they were fighting against. Clearly this point is one of the central points in the story. The setting and the mood supports it. On the roof both snipers only locate the position of the opposer, at least the sniper surviving till the end (P.18). But overall they cannot see the stomach, following their fired shots were taken due to the believe in own abilities. Summarizing for this Paragraph you could say that it even could happen in a different way. It was more the happenstance which decided who was finally winning. Another point is the setting, symbolizing the civil war in its own behalf. The street which is described clearly by the author indicates many symbols with respect to the civil war. On the one hand it was the aim of the author to put symbols in the story. On the other hand his goal was to show the...
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