LGBT Rights: Obama's Support of Gay Marriage

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Vanessa Kelenjian
January 25, 2013
Period 5
Current Event

“Obama's inaugural speech gives hope to gay marriage supporters” By Ken Dilanian and David G. Savage (January 21, 2013) This effects our government because gay marriage is a really big issue in the United States and if it becomes legal so many hatred in the world would drop and maybe people would become more accepting of gay couples. 1). Summary

President Obama announced Monday morning on his decision about helping gay marriage in the united states. Obama’s speech about gay marriage was the first speech that had came off with a high profiled speech. The Supreme Court justices will take up the issue of gay marriage this spring, Obama thinks that this issue went beyond a simple issue. He equated gay rights with the country’s ionic civil rights movement. He linked all the problems we’ve had before as a country about “equality”. This would be an example of the woman’s suffrage movement or the battle for black rights in the south. 2). Opinion

My opinion about this article that I read is that I am glad someone in this world is trying to make peace between others. I am confident in the president that he knows that the constitution requires equality in the freedom to marry whoever you love. I think you should be able to do that regardless of the gender you are. I also don’t think nobody should decide for someone else who they should love. Gay marriage shouldn’t be an issue at all because there is nothing wrong in loving someone and being able to marry them. I think we have bigger issues in the United States and in other countries that we should focus on more than we are focusing on the unimportant things.,0,5700545.story
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