Levinson's Adult Stage

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Levinson's Adult Stage
There are 6 stages of adulthood in Levinson's theory titled "Seasons of a Man's Life": 1) Early adult transition (17-22) - leave adolescence, make preliminary choices for adult life

2) Entering the adult world (22-28) - make initial choices in love, occupation, friendship, values, lifestyle

3) Age 30 transition (28-33) - changes occur in life structure, either a moderate change or, more often, a severe and stressful crisis

4) Settling down (33-40) - establish a niche in society, progress on a timetable, in both family and career accomplishments; are expected to think and behave like a parent so they are facing more demanding roles and expectations .

5) Mid-life transition (40-45) - life structure comes into question, usually a time of crisis in the meaning, direction, and value of each person's life.  neglected parts of the self (talents, desires, aspirations) seek expression.  Men are seen more as parents than as “brothers” to other men who are somewhat younger than them and this message comes as an irritation at first.  Also at this time, men becoming increasingly aware of death and they are reminded of how short life really is.  They become involved in trying to leave a legacy and this usually forms the core of the second half of his life.

6) Entering middle adulthood (45-50) - choices must be made, a new life structure formed.  person must commit to new tasks. * Some sources also stated that there was a late adulthood stage during which time a man spent time reflecting on past achievements and regrets, and making peace with one's self and others (including God) Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development

Although it has been questioned as to whether it applied equally to different genders and different cultures, Kohlberg’s (1973) stages of moral development is the most widely cited. It breaks our development of morality into three levels, each of which is divided further into two stages: Preconventional Level (up to age...
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