Level of Awareness to Safemotherhood Program of Brgy.10 Lucena City Residents

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Feeling Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Life would be uninteresting and colorless if there were no feeling of pleasure and pain , of excitement and depression, of tension and relaxation, or if one were one monotonous course without love, joy surprise ,meriment , admiration, awe, mingled with sadness ,sympathy, fear, anger, all forms of emotional status that we notice in the people around us. Emotional behavior is one area of psychological knowledge that has provoked much attention ,investigation, discussion, research and theorizing . It has attained prominance not only because of the human interest value but because of its relevant to the intricacies of behavior and thought. Emotions are too numerous and are so complex in nature that they defy one sample categorizing. One circumstance is provoking an individual to be angry may cause him to be afraid and take flight. Emotions vary in varying quantity and quality. They may be grouped with mild or with the moderate or with the most violent and disruptive ones. They vary in quality from the pleasurable to the non pleasurable ones. The varieties of emotion are infinite occuring in varying degree of thought and activity. This emotions can greatly affect the life of a student nurse. For this emotions is a great factor that affect our performance during our clinical exposure. A lot of people know that non-pleasurable emotions may include anxiety and stress. This anxiety causes uncomfortable cognitive psychomotor and physiologic responses such as difficulty with logical thought which in nursing, pertains to the critical thinking applied during our clinical exposure. When all this happens during the duty/shift students may not reach the certain goal of his plan of care resulting into ineffective nursing practice leading to failure to Nursing degree and might as well the student may commit unintentional errors that may be harmful to the patient....
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