Level 2 Certificate for It Users – Itq (Qcf) - Word Processing

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Part A

You work for a travel agent and need to send promotional material to customers.

In relation to the above task, answer each of the following questions in no more than 50 words.

1. What kind of Word document should you create for the above task? Can you suggest a suitable template to use and say what style / tone of language would be most appropriate to use?

A letter template would be the most suitable for this task with a simple and professional tone. I would suggest a business letter template, leaning towards sales and/or marketing. I may need to adapt the letter layout slightly to suit my needs if the template does not suit my needs.

2. Can you give examples of the types of information (e.g. numbers, images, etc) which could be included in the document?

Address of both business and customer. Company logo image if there is one available. Company website address. Customer’s name. Information regarding promotion. The date on which the document was produced and/or sent.

Your examples of information to include are very good and demonstrate that you have given some thought to the task.

3. At what stage in writing your document would you need to merge information from another document / software program in order to complete the task?

Once the letter (master document) is set up and completed with all the relevant information that you want to send to the customer.

4. What tool or technique would you use to merge information from another document / software program?

I would use the mail merge process in Microsoft Word to merge information from another document.
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