Letter to Macduff

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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A Letter to Macduff

Dear Macduff,

Oh, what you have missed! I have important news to tell you. A series of events happened at the banquet you failed to attend. The majesty left all of us thanes speechless and suspicious. It is not that I ever doubted your thoughts about Macbeth, but it is now clear to me that he is a guilty man with a conscience filled with remorse.

The ceremony seemed as if it were going to be elegant and pleasing. There were an equal number of thanes on each side of the table. The king presented himself honorably as he sat down with the rest of us to “play the humble host” and announced that Lady Macbeth would keep her state. However not long after that things began to get strange. A dirt and bloody man walked through the doors of the dining room and Macbeth quickly got up and attended him. Suspicious it was, my lord, for Macbeth seem unsatisfied with the news the ruffian delivered and before anything else could be said, Lady Macbeth interrupted and reminded Macbeth of his duties as a host. She seen overly agitated, embarrassed and desperate to get Macbeth away from the doors and back to the feast. She rightly said that a guest must be treated with social rituals and courtesy and must be reminded of how welcomed they are. However as she did this, those looking at his majesty discretely could tell that the bloody man was bringing him bad news and as soon as he heard Lady Macbeth he quickly dispatched the man from the banquet. In all honestly, it looked like Macbeth had someone do his dirty work for him and something went wrong however once he got back at the table he tried to put it aside and the feast began.

That wasn’t all! If you had only been there to see what Lady Macbeth claimed was an illness of the king’s infancy. His body was possessed with madness! As he was about to make a toast, he suddenly stopped as if his heart had stop beating and his expression changed from joy to intense fear and the he began to scream “Which...
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