Letter of Recommedation

Topics: Learning, University, Skill Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: December 17, 2012
To whom it may Concern:
I am writing to you in support of Mrs.xxx and her desire to attend the xxx University for the xxxx program. Though many students ask me to make this request on their behalf, I only recommend students whom I feel are well-suited for the program of their choice. Mrs. xx is one of those students and therefore, I highly recommend that she be given the opportunity to attend your university. As [Professor’s Title] of [Professor’s Department] at [University Name], I work with many students who have substantial knowledge of [Subject]. Each year I notice that only a few outstanding students offer a unique perspective and really embrace their learning of the subject matter. [Mr./Ms. Last Name] has consistently shown such a strong desire to learn that I simply could not turn down [his/her] request for recommendation. I first met [Mr./Ms. Last Name] in my [Course Title] course during the [Season and Year] semester. Compared to the class average of [Class Average], [Mr./Ms. Last Name] earned a [Grade] in the class. [Mr./Ms. Last Name] was evaluated on [explain basis for grades, e.g., exams, papers, etc.], in which [he/she] performed exceptionally well. Though [Mr./Ms. Last Name] has consistently exceeded in all areas of [his/her] coursework, the best example of [his/her] intelligence shone through a [paper/presentation/project/etc.] on [work’s title]. The work clearly showed [his/her] ability to deliver a clear, concise and well-thought presentation with a new perspective by demonstrating [embellish here]. [Mr./Ms. Last Name] continues to impress me with [his/her] knowledge, skill and dedication to [his/her] work. I’m sure you will find [him/her] to be a student whose talents will only shine further through your graduate program. It is my hope that you will accept [his/her] admission to your university. Feel free to contact me if you require further information. Sincerely,
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