Lesson 03

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Tamika Pierre
Ms. McNeil
Lesson 03 Beowulf A Beginning

After reading Section 1:

1. What role does Hrothgar play in the epic?
- Hrothgar is the Danish King.

2. Who/what is causing so much grief in Hrothgar's kingdom?
- The monster Grendel is sneaking into Hrothgar's palace at night and killing all his men.

3. How many years has this battle with Grendel been going on? - The battle with Grendel has been going on for 12 years.

4. What attempts have been made to rid the land of this beast? - Hrothgar made many attempts to rid the land of the beasts and successfully did that whe he gathers many warriors onto a ship and sailed the waters and walked the lands of the beasts.

After reading Section 2:

1. What causes Beowulf to want to help Hrothgar? How does he get there, and how many men accompany him? - Beowulf wants to help kin Hrothgar because he feels that it is his role to serve and protect the Danes and his King. Fifteen men accompany him.

2. Why does Hrothgar's soldier question Beowulf about his lineage - Hrothgar questions Beowulf to know if he is a spy or not.

3. Why is this important to that time period?
- It is important to know if he is not a spy or not so that there are no traiters in Hrothgar's kingdom

4. Do you see any examples of alliteration or kennings?
- Yes some of them are "Prince of Weders", "The son of Ecgtheow", "The Geatish Hero", and "The lord of the seamen".
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