Lesson's Learned in the Pigman

Topics: Paul Zindel, Value, Good and evil Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Do the choices one makes in life set in motion unstoppable events? One can make good and bad choices in life, but they must realize the consequences, because there will be no stopping the outcome of their choice. In The Pigman by Paul Zindel, John and Lorraine’s experiences with Mr. Pignati leave a strong impact on them. However, they do not value what Mr. Pignati has done for them until it is too late to apologize for their mistakes. Experiences in life, whether good or bad, teach one lessons and for John and Lorraine these lessons come through hardship because they do not recognize and value the good that they had. When John and Lorraine are first invited to Mr. Pignati’s house in the beginning of the book, Lorraine is hesitant. She does not want to go near Mr. Pignati’s house, but John, persistent as ever, convinces her. “I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided we’d better go over and collect the ten bucks, says John. I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided we’d better not go over and collect the ten bucks, angrily replies Lorraine” (36). John, the narrator, portrays himself to be a very greedy and careless person. However, Lorraine’s wariness allows her to see the possible consequences of entering an unknown person’s house. When the two finally befriend Mr. Pignati, a budding relationship between them starts to grow. Mr. Pignati kindly invites John and Lorraine to the zoo and John immediately accepts, dragging Lorraine along with him. “I should have just left there and then because I know things were going to get involved” (57). Lorraine seemingly rues the day that she agreed to go to the zoo with John and Mr. Pignati. Zindel uses foreshadowing, when saying “things were going to get involved”, to demonstrate how close the trio will become. Lorraine and John take Mr. Pignati as a lonely old man, and are blind to the good things Mr. Pignati gives them until he dies. The bond between John, Lorrain, and Mr. Pignati strengthens when they go on a shopping...
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