Lending Money to Firends?

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Nowadays when people need Money, (missing subject pronoun) try to avoid ask (asking) for money in the bank for all the stages and formats that are necessaries to apply. In fact, some people instead to  attend to the bank, ask for money to their friends ask their friends for money; however this custom carries some problems. I strongly believe that borrowing money from a friend can damage the friendship; and I think that this based on the fact that it can affect my personal finances, and it can hurt the trust between the friends.   First and foremost, think that your finances are very important and from this depend on them depend many things. As an illustration, I remember a friend that lend lent something like USD$ 2.000, and a few days later he needed to do a travel but he couldn’t because he had lend lent his savings. For this reason if you lend money to someone consider that as a gift. Secondly, if you consider that trust in a friendship is important avoid lending money. For instance, when you lend your money the friendship becomes in a costumer and client relation. And begins attitudes some attitudes begin to take place as your friend is never is at home or never answers your calls.  Thus, if you want to conserve a good friendship based on trust avoid lending your money. Finally, as a conclusion, and having taking into account that borrowing money from a friend is a consequence of hundreds of problems, and if you don’t want to loss lose a friend and if you want to have a healthy finances, think better whether to lend or not your money. Remember that you don’t have the obligation to lend your money, you are not a bank.
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