Leiniger's Theory

Topics: Anthropology, Marvin Harris, Emic and etic Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: February 18, 2013
It is easier to travel and work abroad today than it has been in the past. Young people travel to seek their fortune in new countries. Families go on holidays to exotic places. Older people retire and buy a house in the sun far away the home they have always had. Also have we seen people pack up their homes and move far distances, not because they want to, but because of war and poverty, to find a safer environment for themselves and their children. This increases the importance of understanding different cultures, not only in the society, but also in the health care sector. Leininger (1993) speaks of this in her article “Towards conceptualization of transcultural health care systems: Concepts and model”. She states that the relevancy of transcultural health as a field of study and practice will increase as a consequence of sociocultural and economic changes, but also because of a growth in transportation, communication and technology. As a result of this, it will be more necessary to have health personnel with transcultural competence. When studying people from different cultures Leiniger says: “it’s important to understand not only the peoples’ health-illness patterns and world view, but also the peoples’ goals about health care”. Leininger (1993) has created a transcultural health model to get a view of the health care in different cultures. It’s mainly made for nurses and health care personnel. It gives the user means to systematically identify and analyze important components of a culture and its health features. Leininger presents four major tenets in her theory. At first, Leininger suggest that the user should be looking at culture care meanings, patterns and practices. Care can have different meanings in different cultures and it’s helpful to know what it means in the studied culture. Although some of the patterns and practices can be universal while others can be more specific. The second tenet consists of the world view and social structure. Culture...
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