Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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The United States’ relationship with prohibition, in particular marijuana, has always been a hassle towards the U.S. The past shows that the U.S. has run into trouble with prohibition and taking away what the people want. Marijuana is popular throughout the world but the U.S. in particular is in a very high demand of the substance. Of course what goes with high demand will also have trouble that follows in any means necessary to receive what they want. Marijuana being illegal causes humans against their rights, financial burdens, and health issues. In my research paper, I will discuss the effects of recreational marijuana on an individual, such as habits before and after taken. I will focus on the health issues that may and may not come with marijuana and the financial cost of another prohibition in modern day. I will explain the positive and negative reasoning for legalizing recreational marijuana within the U.S. I will be answering questions such as; “How will legalizing marijuana help our culture?” and “What should the age range be if it is legalized?”. I will also review the past for what we once faced before when we tried to ban the drug. I will prove that legalizing recreational marijuana will diminish the financial burdens that once were which will cause a domino effect of decreasing the culture’s problems such as crime rate. Finally, I will venture in the law side of the argument and discuss what can and cannot be done to this plant.
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