Legalize Weed: Yes or No?

Topics: Decriminalization, Victimless crime, Legalization Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Since before the 1900’s, the United States has been battling with a seemingly unending debate. Should marijuana, otherwise known as ‘weed’, be legalized in the states? While most politicians say that legalizing marijuana would only be used as a ‘stepping-stone’ to more dangerous drugs like heroin or cocaine, it is my opinion to strongly disagree with this statement. Marijuana use can have medical pluses, yielding California’s decision to legalize marijuana for healing purposes. With the right regulations, marijuana should be fully legalized in the United States. Marijuana’s purpose is served to most as one of life’s pleasures. In most cases it causes temporary memory loss, loss of bodily motor skills, slurred speech, sleepiness, altered time perception, and an increase in appetite. But many don’t realize just how this can really effect them if overdone. When a person smokes a lot they can experience hallucinations, difficulty breathing and ‘loss of self-identification.’ Generally, regular users also have long-term side-effects such as lung cancer from inhaling the smoke. According to the Labeling theory, as defined in our textbook, the ‘reality of any particular situation depends on how people define it.’ Users might see weed as just a way of relaxing after a long day or when going through a tough situation. However some could see it as someone not knowing how to deal with unfavorable situations; that they lack necessary coping skills. The Labeling theory perfectly explains the whole debate behind legalization of weed. It all depends on how you view the reason for the use of the drug. Most would argue that marijuana would only make situations worse in the states. For example, their could be an increase in accidents from people who drive after smoking. Americans are notorious for drinking and driving, or being irresponsible in general. Also, if the smoking was allowed in public, not only would the smoker get high but, unknowingly, anyone around them for any...
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