Legalization of Marijuana- Don't Do It.

Topics: Cannabis, Hashish, Legality of cannabis by country Pages: 10 (3739 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Legalization of Marijuana--Don’t do it!
Legalization of marijuana has been a hot political topic for many years. Some states have legalized medical marijuana. Others are considering following the example of those 18 states. A few of the 18 states that have already legalized medical marijuana are considering moving beyond to the legalization of recreational marijuana. Many people have conflicting ideas about the legalization of marijuana. Some would argue against public smoking because of the foul odor the smoke produces. I will argue against legalization of marijuana because smoking is unhealthy for users and non-users, it impairs the judgment of users, and can cause financial difficulties associated with the smell and production of smoke and plants. Some people will argue that marijuana is bad for the health of users and non-users alike. Many people will agree that medical marijuana can be harmful if ingested by young children. The use of marijuana can cause serious long-term health complications to both the user and non-user. In the article “Pot smoking may leave mark on teen brains” by Amanda Gardner, Gardner states, “People who smoked pot heavily as teens had consistently lower IQs at age 38...” (Gardner1). This article argues how the excessive smoking of marijuana can cause a decline in the IQ of someone who has smoked pot for a number of years beginning at a young age. There has been “a decades long study” (Gardner1) proving the argument. Gardner states, “…researchers found that adolescents who used marijuana at least four days per week lost an average of eight IQ points between the ages of 13 and 38-- a pattern not seen among people who began smoking heavily only in adulthood” (Gardner1). Teens who start smoking at such a young age should realize the consequences of their actions will follow them into adulthood. She states, “Heavy pot smokers tended to show deficits in memory, concentration, and overall brainpower in relation to their peers, but these problems were more pronounced…among those who picked up the habit as teens the study found” (Gardner1). According to the study found in the article teens will develop problems with their memory, concentration, etc. leaving the pot smoking young adults at a disadvantage. Gardner states, “ an eight-point decline in IQ isn’t negligible…previous research suggest a drop in intelligence of that magnitude could, for instance, affect a person’s long-term career prospects, job performance and income” (Gardner1). A decline in someone’s IQ is not something that should be overlooked or neglected. If studies show that smoking marijuana will cause serious brain damage--lower IQ-- then that is a reason not to legalize it.

In the article, “Dude, it’s your junk! Pot linked to testicular cancer” by Bill Briggs, Briggs states, “Some blunt advice for the young, male fans of marijuana: you may want to kill that joint and clutch your crotch-- self check style, that is”(Briggs1). Teenage boys might want to think twice before smoking a left hand cigarette. Briggs goes on to state, “scientist at The University of Southern California say they’ve detected a link between recreational marijuana use and a greater chance among males in their early teens and mid-30s of contracting a particularly dangerous form of testicular cancer--non- seminoma tumors…”(Briggs1). It seems that teenage boys are at greater risk for a very deadly form of testicular cancer. According to Briggs, Victoria Cortessis, one of the study’s authors and an assistant professor of preventative medicine at The Keck School Of Medicine of USC in Los Angeles states, “the group that is at risk for developing these tumors is overwhelmingly young men. They should be looking and paying attention to changes in their testicles anyway”(Briggs1). Studies suggest that teenage boys should start checking their testicules for any change of any sort if they are smoking marijuana. Smoking marijuana can lead to severe illness which is a...
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