Legalization of Marijuana

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Shavon Kuhn
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April 11, 2013
Persuasive essay

Legalize Marijuana
I believe that marijuana should be legalized. Many people agree and disagree on this subject. I feel that smoking cigarettes does more damage then smoking marijuana. Because marijuana is an all natural substance and no extra chemicals are added to it like other drugs I feel like it is safer. I feel that marijuana should be legalized and cigarettes should be banned. Or we should at least have a few days a year when it is legalized.

People have been disagreeing with the legalization of marijuana for years. It has been ongoing back and forth. But even though marijuana is illegal more than 14 million smoke it regularly despite the very harsh consequences against it. Over 20 million people in America have been arrested for selling, having or using marijuana since 1965. More than half the United States wants to legalize it.

Marijuana is an all natural substance unlike cocaine, crystal meth, or even cigarettes. And alcohol is not even a natural substance. It is not bad. There is no record of marijuana ever killing anyone except people who drive under the influence. But no one has ever died from a drug overdose from marijuana. Or someone ever overdosing from it. I believe that if everyone where to use it there would be less fights. One downside is that it’s worse for your lungs but I believe we can make it better like we do with everything else.

Marijuana is not as bad as cigarettes because it doesn’t have as many health hazards. They just have a bad label put to them because of the 70’s. Cigarettes have over 2,000 different chemical and are addictive mentally and chemically. On the other hand marijuana isn’t chemically addicting and has far less chemicals. It is not as addictive mentally either.

In conclusion I think that it would not be such an awful thing it was legalized and used by people over 18. If we could just have a chance to say why and state the facts, we could get a lot...
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